Run it once Poker Software review – Is the Pokerdream still possible??

Run it once poker finally went online yesterday on Feb 6th 2019. So i just decided to give you guys a review of the Poker software. Espicially for those who cant play on the site for several reasons but still interested to see how it looks like. This is the first review i have ever done, so i hope you guys will like it. Enjoy!

read that article from Phil Galfond

run it once Discord channel

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Andreas froehli Video about the rake structure

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2 Replies to “Run it once Poker Software review – Is the Pokerdream still possible??

  1. Thanks for posting this, as I was interested in seeing what the new site looks like without having to download it. It looks very traditional, maybe they could have gone for some more radical table colours to make it stand out from other sites. I play limit Omaha high low, which the site doesn't have, but it is good to have a new site out there,

  2. Thanks for the video review and feedback.

    We are very pleased to hear that you are having a good experience both playing on the site and on our Discord server, the community feeling that you are describing is exactly what we are hoping to achieve.
    Regarding resizeable tables, they are one of our top development priorities and a visual replayer is also something that we are working on.
    Good luck on your journey to becoming a professional poker player, we look forward to seeing you at the tables.

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