PokerStars Poker in the Ears Podcast – Episode 146 – Ashley Sleeth & Jesse Sylvia

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James has just about recovered from the lurgy, so the boys are back from their unplanned break. They talk about a few TV shows and movies (04:00), including ‘Captain Marvel’ and the #PCA2019 highlights shows on the PokerStars YouTube channel, before discussing the new Global Poker Awards (09:05) and speaking to poker couple Ashley Sleeth and Jesse Sylvia (11:40), who recently both won tournaments in Las Vegas. In the latest instalment of ‘The Life of Stapes’ (28:35), Joe recaps his recent trip to Vegas, and has some interesting hand analysis – not his own – from his Hollywood home game. Plus, there’s a “deep dive” into Season 2 of ‘Billions’ (37:50), and Paul Cunningham from the UK competes for an #EPTMonteCarlo satellite ticket in an ‘Untouchables’-themed edition of ‘Superfan vs Stapes’ (48:30). Please rate, review and subscribe to the podcast, and/or apply to be our ‘Billions’ Superfan on Episode 147: #PokerInTheEars.

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