Online Poker Warmup – The Ultimate Poker Pre-Game Session

Gripsed explains how you can use visual and verbal Anchors to help you keep your eye on the prize. Gripsed also gets into proper breathing and how to drop into a relaxed state to improve performance. This technique helps increase focus, decrease tilt and improve overall results. I’ve used these technique with great success over the years.

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10 Replies to “Online Poker Warmup – The Ultimate Poker Pre-Game Session

  1. Thanks Evan & Team Gripsed, your content is some of the best, I especially love your life philosophy's​ and mental game vids…The mental game is by far the most important part of playing winning poker…Hand charts, equity, math, game theory, strategy are all useless if they can't be accessed properly.

    I spent a long time studying those aspects and still suffered consistent swings in my game, understanding the mental side and working on it constantly in all of life's ventures has taken my game to the next level, both on and off the felt.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this aspect, and all others Evan, keep on stackin' mate and see you at the Aussie Millions (my big poker goal) in the near future.

  2. So, when you basically said, "If you want to play poker to eventually get a beach house, then keep a picture of that beach house around to look at so when you start falling off your game you can look at that picture and [hits the table 2x] remember what you're playing for"…

    …Well, when you hit the table 2 times, that's now something I'm gonna to to remind myself of what I'm playing for. Peace, GL, and never give up! LFG GS 2016!!!

  3. Man, this is awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing the tips!

    And, you're right about how there's a saying, "Where attention goes, energy flows".

    Cool point about not letting thoughts distract us by always coming back to the now using "the breath".

    Also cool point about "ranging people on every hand", even hands I'm not in – definitely need to get a lot better at.

    Great points too about goals and not getting too down or up if the goal is missed or hit.

    Trust self and be in the state of flow – love it. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the tips.

  4. Gripsed, I was looking into getting Sharkscope myself because I've been thinking about dipping my feet into the waters of the MTT world. I was checking out their site and was a bit confused about the pricing structure. I was wondering which price structure you use? Does the $99 choice allow you to scope players, or do you need to buy that, AND a monthly sub of your choice?

    Thanks in advance for your advice! 🙂

  5. hey man, I'm a huge fan, love your work…

    I have noticed you have some haters on your channel lately, possibly bots; one aggressively replied to my comment on your last video (I know, welcome to the internet…) but in light of your recent video, it seems like the person in question is highly suspect…just a heads up brother

    keep up the great work, Evan! Peace

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