Neymar Jr. Charity Special – EPT Barcelona 2018

Neymar Jr. invited some sports legends and friends to compete in a Sit and Go for €25,000 for charity!

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44 Replies to “Neymar Jr. Charity Special – EPT Barcelona 2018

  1. You know how they used to have High Stakes Poker on TV? Sometimes I think it'd be cool to have a show called "Low Stakes Poker" where we watch a bunch of amateurs play 1/2. I know this is a tournament, but now I know how it'd look. So… maybe not such a good idea lol

  2. What a star cast this. Also, 25k? Its great that they are doing this, but the pot could have been a lot more. Neymar earns 500k a week alone+endorsements & sponsorship (He also does great charity work all around, so not knocking him, just saying) .

  3. its a totall discrease that mulity miljonairs doing 500,- price for charity and then let other know how really good they are… well you are NOT… its patetic.. its all show and ego …. i really have to puke… the can easely give even MORE to the charity's but there ego wont let them….

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