Micro Stakes Online Poker Coaching Session | Part 1/5

This is an actual coaching session with a Smart Poker Study Podcast listener named Julio.

Julio he responded to a newsletter contest I held for a free hour of coaching. He was one of the winners with the caveat that he allowed me to record the session and release it to the world.

The session lasted a little over an hour, and this video is part 1/5.

In this first part, we discus the areas that Julio wants to work on. He mentions 3betting more frequently and his problem with overplaying big pocket pairs.

We then dive into his 44,000 hand database and the related statistics.

I show him my “LeakTracker Statistics Report” and how I use it to find areas where there may be a leak. We see how his stats reflect his TAG nature and begin looking at areas he can focus on.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you learned a little something. Now, get to work and practice it in your next play and study sessions.

If you’re interested in coaching, please visit: https://www.smartpokerstudy.com/coaching

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