Hey guys!

Last week, I was featured on a live poker show, LIVE AT THE BIKE, that streams here on YouTube. I played poker on their channel for two days, and then commentated on the Friday poker game. I got crushed playing, but had a lot of fun commentating. It’s definitely something I want to do more of in the future. I go over a bunch of hands I played, and the details of how I got ACTUALLY fucked playing poker TWICE.

Special thanks to LIVE AT THE BIKE for the footage, and having me this week. Below is a link to their YouTube channel and website:


My PO BOX info if you’d like to send me anything:

PO Box 530158
Henderson, NV 89053

28 Replies to “Getting CRUSHED in Poker – LIVE AT THE BIKE

  1. that hand you lost with pocket kings to ace queen was simply a cooler but i still think you should lead out on that flop. dennis has too many ace X in his hand and when theres that much money in the pot i would be happy to bet and take it down. I guess checking to trap is also good occasionally but only against an opponent thats very aggressive post flop. Im assuming you were checking with the intention of check raising which is also fine. better luck next time! you still play very well and I'm sure the rest of your month will go better

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